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Before we get writing...

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I'm Jamie Johns!
Mana • BlackManaBurning • The Bird Queen

Whether you're looking for a writing tutor or coach to help you improve your own skills, a writer to tell your story, an editor for your work, or an assistant with your project, I'd love to help get your story out into the world!


I've worked with a wide range of individuals and groups, from BAFTA nominees, world-renowned scholars, and accomplished Webtoons creators, to fanfiction writers, indie comic creators, and elementary schoolers just learning the ropes.

Some authors I enjoy are the Romance writers and poets with their thoughtful and intense prose, as well as Flannery O'Connor for her heavy use of symbolism and masterful incorporation of both the grotesque beauty and ugliness of the world in her work.

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I love getting my hands dirty gardening in the sultry summertime, and drinking steaming hot cups of Echinacea tea in the cold Wisconsin winters. My best ideas often come to me when I go out walking with my adorable furbaby, a Labrador mix named Zoey. When I'm not writing I also enjoy traveling to various conventions and craft shows where I sell and trade my very own handmade crafts!

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U.S. Copyright and Cataloguing
Preferred Programs

English (United States)



Copyright Registration

Microsoft Word

Google Docs

Adobe InDesign



Phone (US/Canada/Mexico)









Myths, Legends, and Tales




Symbolism and Meaning

Vivid Imagery

Tension and Stakes


First Person

3rd Limited/Omniscient

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Unique Perspectives


Short Stories

Visual Novels/Videogames

Comics and Manga

Light Novel Style


Luminous World Stories LLC
Developmental | Line | Assessment | Writing

2020 – Present​

Continuing from where I left off and bringing with me all that I've learned at R&L, I make my return to full time freelancing and writing! With plenty of experiences under my belt and even more to come, I can't wait to work with even more amazing authors, and finish up my debut novel with the help of illustrator and one of the winners from a fanart contest I hosted back in 2017, Suomar. We've both grown a lot in the last few years, and I look forward to continuing to work together!

Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group
Assistant Production Editor

​2020 – 2021

Starting in early 2020, I continued my journey in the realm of publishing as an Assistant Production Editor, where I honed my skills on other aspects of publishing in addition to continuing to work on manuscripts

Southern New Hampshire University
Masters of Arts in Creative Writing and Editing

​2015 – 2017

Furthering the pursuit of my passions, I continued my writing journey with the goal of taking what I discovered during my English studies to master the craft of creative writing and storytelling.


While working on my personal writing style and craft, I discovered my passion for editing and coaching other writers in the art of storytelling: a passion that outweighed even what I felt toward my own writing.

University of Wisconsin Stevens Point
Bachelor of Arts in English Literature Studies

​2013 – 2015


Following my passions, I explored the rich worlds painted by Romance writers and poets and worked with my fellow students to craft exceptional stories. I discovered a love for literature by writers such as Flannery O'Connor, Leslie Marmon Silko, and for Nature Literature, focusing heavily on these descriptive and often psychologically deep genres and styles of narration in their every aspect.


At the end of my two years I was honored to receive a Departmental Award on the recommendation of several English Department Professors for both my creative contributions and academic professionalism. One professor in particular noted how the unique conversational voice I employed made my writing "always distinguishable, even in blind review," and were consistently "the best she'd read in her 24 years as a Professor."

University of Wisconsin Marathon County
Associate's Degree

​2011 – 2013

Upon entering into college, I knew I wanted to do something with the storytelling arts. I spent most of my time split between the Art and English departments, debating whether I would pursue my passions for drawing or for writing. 

I soon found myself drawn to the school's newspaper (Journalism being something I also explored in High School), but left the paper in my second year to dedicate myself to the school's Literary Magazine, which spotlighted local writers. There I learned about being a Prose Editor, as well as dove headfirst into setting the layout for the entire print magazine.

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