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Develop |
Have an Idea? | Let's Make it Happen!

Have an idea for a story but aren't sure where to begin?


Have an existing story, novel, or script that you'd like some help with? 

I'd love to help you further develop your characters, story, and world!


Live Consultation

Chat and Voice Consultation

Got an idea you want a second opinion on? Let's talk about it!

Chat via phone, Discord, Streamyard, Skype, etc.

Prices starting at:

$40 per hour

Minimum 1 hour

Editorial Assessment

A holistic report analyzing multiple aspects of storytelling within a manuscript assessing its suitability and readiness for publication. Includes guidance on how to approach revision, as well as tips on how to take your work from draft to published.

Prices starting at:

$135 for 1-3000 words

$40 for every additional 1000

Developmental Edit

A line-by-line analysis and breakdown of a manuscript to pinpoint specific areas for improvement, including character, theme, motivations, tension, style, flow, word usage, scene placement, and more. Includes writing tips and guidance to improve both current and future works.

Prices starting at:

$145 for 1-3000 words

$45 for every additional 1000

Full Service Review

Looking for a deep dive into your writing? Combine an Editorial Assessment and Developmental Edit for a thorough analysis of all aspects of a manuscript, and at a discounted rate.

Prices starting at:

$200 for 1-3000 words

$55 for every additional 1000

Create |    
Need a Writer?|Let Me Tell Your Story!

If you have an idea but aren't much of a writer yourself, I'd love to work together to craft your story! 

I can tailor my writing to suit the style and needs of your story. They can be fast-paced and action-packed, informative and fact checked, loaded with vivid, symbolic detail and have dynamic, believable characters.

Whatever story you have inside you, I'd love to help unleash it into the world!

  • These prices reflect commercial license to monetize and sell. I also require that my name be listed as a co-author/creator; however, this may also be negotiated for an additional fee for ghostwriting.

  • If your story project requires lengthy research or reading prior to starting work, there will be a $35 per hour charge. I perform this research in order to make the best writing possible.​

  • Each project includes 1 round of revisions, totaling up to 10% of the project length.


  • Delivery times vary but are typically within 4-6 weeks. Contact me to get a quote for larger pieces. A rush surcharge may apply for short pieces due sooner than 4 weeks.


  • My prices reflect years of experience as both a writer and editing professional, decades of schooling, and a deep understanding of the craft. I strive to make every story the very best it can be.


Basic writing best for general fiction and nonfiction pieces geared at most large audiences, whether it be YA or helping you write your memoir.

Starting at $195 per 1000 words


Are you creating a High Fantasy or Historical piece, or writing in a way that uses a lot of technical jargon? Does the project require coding or other skills? By unleashing my full language arsenal and skills, I can mirror language usage of different eras, model unique voices, and create unique experiences for readers more demanding than the general public.

Starting at $275 per 1000 words

Edit | 
Copyediting | Line Editing 

No one can catch everything on their own, so before going through the expensive and time consuming tasks of typesetting, online publishing, and especially print and physical publishing, get your work read by a pair of outside eyes!

Let's make sure the world sees your writing at its very best!


Basic edit checking for typos, grammar, spelling, and general formatting issues.


The final pass best for writers just looking for another set of eyes to catch minor errors they might have missed.


starting at $25 per 1000 words

Copy Edit

Checks technical consistency (example, e-mail vs email), continuity errors, performs fact checking, libel and copyright tests, and corrects glaring grammar and spelling errors. 


#1 choice for writers looking for a thorough polish before publishing.

starting at $40 per 1000 words

Line Edit

A deeper type of copyedit. In addition to correcting technical errors, fact checking, and continuity checking, Line Editing enhances prose through attention paid to clarity and style with the aim of improving existing writing and storytelling.

Best for writers looking to have their writing corrected and improved upon by an editor who excels at seamlessly complimenting an author's existing style.

starting at $55 per 1000 words

For more info or to discuss possible work >>
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