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Autumnal Days

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

As Fall makes its full autumnal appearance and turns the green leaves of summer a burning red and cheery gold, another month goes by and it's time for a fresh update!

While no new projects I've edited have gone to print in the last month, I've begun to make some changes around both my writing desk and the site, adding fresh writing samples as well as artwork and the Early Access prologue to my personal project Skylight Stories Kawena. Those of you who have been longtime patrons may recognize it as the version I first started uploading online circa 2017! But make no mistake: the story has gone through several versions and rewrites since then (blossoming from 28k to over 40k words as of the writing of this update), and is in its eighth iteration, just waiting for the artwork of the lovely SUOMAR so that I can finally put the fully revised volume 1 officially into print!

I couldn't be happier with her work, with the first of six illustrations that are planned for the debut volume completed so far, and have included a sneak peek right here!

I'll be making the full size artwork available for download in a members-only section that will include the full draft of volume one, so be sure to join up to get access to the high-res versions at a later date!

Each piece of artwork will have two versions, a black and white and a color, and I'll be using them in numerous different ways as the book gets closer to launch.

I certainly hope you're all as excited as I am to see this longtime goal finally coming to fruition!

I marked the occasion with a little splurge, and bought a fresh batch of of Sakura Metallic and Stardust gel pens to replace the ones I've steadily used up since I first got them nearly two decades ago. It's been such a nice way to mix things up with my editing work (what physical manuscripts I do get, anyway, considering most of my editing is done digitally) and has also provided a fun way to refresh the usual pencil and paper I typically have used when I write drafts. It's so strange, how something so small can have such a big mental impact by adding a little extra color to these days before winter makes its appearance and blankets the world in snow.

Here's hoping that fall lasts a good long while (though being in the northwoods, I know it can come any day)!

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2 comentários

What a gorgeous illustration <3


" It's so strange, how something so small can have such a big mental impact by adding a little extra color... "

So true! The little things can really make a big impact on how you feel - never underestimate the importance of the everyday mundane ;)

Luminous World Stories LLC
Luminous World Stories LLC
04 de out. de 2021
Respondendo a

Absolutely! I can't wait to be able to show off the full thing. The detail is absolutely stunning to see. I do like to experience the little things fresh every day. One of the worst things to fall into is the blasé of habit that makes a person blind to the quiet joys around them, and a change in season like from summer to fall is an excellent reminder of the fact that every day is just a little bit different from the last if we just keep our eyes open and looking for it.

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