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Skylight Stories Kawena - Chapter 2 Novel Preview Update!

Skylight Stories Kawena Child of the Sky Logo Jamie Johns

 Whew! Here's the full draft of chapter 2!

 After those first two action-filled parts, time for Fallon and So-Rin to take a little rest and recuperate. 

We also see another side to So-Rin here, and have a little problem as the ways and lifestyle of the carnivorous So-Rin don't quite mesh with the vegan Fallon. 

Another side to Fallon is also revealed, a special ability that So-Rin definitely thinks could come in handy...

We also meet a new character, Cray the Whooping Crane! 

We're building up the world a little bit and setting the stage in this chapter, with more to come soon. 

Let me know what you like, any questions you may have, or just drop me a line anytime! I would love to talk to you anytime (even if it has nothing to do with the story!)

Thanks so much, and I hope you enjoy!


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