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Skylight Stories Kawena - Chapter 1 Preview and Creative Writing Sample

Updated: Mar 28

Skylight Stories Kawena Child of the Sky Logo Jamie Johns

While it's more of a creative writing sample for now, I'll be publishing it (probably self-publishing) as part of my graduation requirement for my degree from Southern New Hampshire University's Creative Writing Master's Program, and I'll be uploading more chapters, hopefully about 1 a month, or 1/2 of a chapter twice a month - on average I like to aim for about 3000-5000 words per chapter, so they won't be skimpy either. You may notice that this chapter is a bit lengthier (about 8500 words) so think of the extra as a bonus as thanks for giving me a try!

My goal is simple: to write a Novel series inspired by Japanese Light Novels, anime, and manga. Yet, it isn't a light novel at all, but written for an English-speaking audience experienced with Western literature looking for well written, original stories with depth that need not undergo the perils of translation.

 I'll also be uploading (badly drawn, haha - I hardly ever sketch anymore since I started my writing program) basic character references and profiles shortly too, so look forward to them!  

Right now I have it projected to be a Fantasy Tragedy and/or Psychological work, with accents of Adventure, Action, Romance, and Nature writing mixed in. I know it's slow, but stick with me now as I build up the world... I promise you won't be disappointed later.

As with anything, representations presented are purely fictional - although as with any good story, I hope you can find something you can relate to  :)

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