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Skylight Stories Kawena Volume 1: Child of the Sky Early Version is now open to read!

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Just a quick note this month to everyone who follows my work that the full Early Version text to Skylight Stories Kawena Volume 1: Child of the Sky is now fully uploaded on the site! Included are full-size color artworks by SUOMAR (3 currently uploaded, with more on the way), available to read and view for anyone with the #1 Supporter or Child of the Sky roles.

How do you get these roles, you may ask?

By becoming a supporter!

Any and all support of $1 USD or more is greatly appreciated and enables me to dedicate myself more fully to my craft, commission more custom artwork, take story requests, and upload helpful articles while making them available for free to writers of all levels.

Support of any amount also enables me to keep the lights on while I do more of something I'm particularly passionate about: donating my time to work with beginners who are interested in becoming storytellers.

While the #1 Supporter role is currently reserved for a select few members who have been following and supporting the story since the very beginning, The Child of the Sky role is assigned to any newcomer who makes a minimum $5 USD monthly donation, granting access to the early version text of my debut novel and special updates, with higher tiers of support granting access to drawings, giveaways, and more as I continue on my journey to officially begin publishing the series!

Happy reading, and happy writing!

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