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Website Updates and Current WIPs

Greetings, all!

A quick rundown for those who may not have noticed, some recent updates to the site include:

-Dedicated reviews page

-Updated Services and Pricing (existing clients are welcome to contact me regarding legacy rates for ongoing projects)

-Interior art for Skylight Stories Kawena: Volume 1 completed and available in full color online

-Additions to in-progress and completed projects lists

Site and personal items currently in progress:

-Skylight Stories Kawena: Volume 1 Cover

-Member/user community forum (plus community contests and giveaways)

-Writer Resources page

-Referral links page

-Enhanced SEO tagging

If you like what you see and would like to support me, either with an ongoing or one-time donation, I would greatly appreciate it!

Any and all support of $1 USD or more is greatly appreciated and enables me to dedicate myself more fully to my craft, commission more custom artwork, take story requests, and upload helpful articles while making them available for free to writers of all levels.

Support of any amount also enables me to keep the lights on while I do more of something I'm particularly passionate about: donating my time to work with beginners who are interested in becoming storytellers.

Happy reading, and happy writing!

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