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Blake Kendrick Author

Blake Kendrick
February 2021

Jamie was absolutely irreplaceable for my work. She was highly professional the whole way through, very honest about all the things that needed fixing in my manuscript, and constructive in all of her critiques. She gave me more than I ever expected, and I would absolutely work with her again in the future.

Scott Moore BAFTA Nominee Writer Author Hollywood

Scott Moore
March 2022

Jamie responded quickly, her notes were spot on, insightful and 100% elevated the piece I am working on!

Emily Rukkila

Emily Rukkila
January 2023

I collaborated with Jamie for the first book in my fantasy series (developmental editing) and she was incredible. Very thorough, gave me quite a bit to think about with character arcs, storylines, etc. If you are in need of a fantastic editor with an eagle eye, she should be first on your list!

Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Smith

I am blown away by the depth of knowledge, craft, and skill with which Jamie analyzed my 90,000-word novel draft. As a first-time author, she encouraged me while simultaneously challenging me to push beyond what I ever dreamed I could do. That would have been well worth the price, but she also shared her shrewd and canny insight into the business side of publishing, enabling me to have the best opportunity to get my work out to the world.



Working with Jamie is such an amazing experience. From start to finish, the process Jamie works by is a writer's dream. She goes into full detail. . . constantly asks questions on the plot, the characters, the details of each outline. Keeping in constant communication with the buyer throughout it all and always being polite and professional.

Jamie is always full of ideas on how an outline, chapter can be improved, but always runs it by you first to see if you are happy or what you think of it. Jamie has a wide range of words to use in her writing, drives full passion into exploring a character's appearance, their mindset, background and how their environment affects them and the items speaks of them as people.

Every commission Jamie has worked on with me has shown her talent for understanding POV structure, themes of each chapter, planting the seeds of foreshadowing, exploring relationships. Writing engaging action, expressive dialogue and being able to flesh out a world in various ways. Jamie is truly a unique writer and Editor and one of the best I have ever met. It is an honour to work with her every time and it's a true privilege to have forged such a close working relationship and friendship with her.


July 2023

I really appreciated everything Jamie said. I think she is really open-minded and has great ideas. She helped me with my outline and was my developmental editor. My ideas were really scaled back, around 2000 words; what I wrote was very not defined or formed. She started with asking what I felt would be my weakness in writing and my strength if I recall. I really have only weaknesses and don't really consider myself a writer but this is a means to create meaningful art and become a better visual storyteller. So I told her my weakness was dialogue because I have no clue how to write that and very little experience and confidence.


She gave me a few resources to build character sketches. I am on my 4th character sketch now and in between them I have been addressing the outline and changing it to make sense with the character sketches and letting my ideas come and inform the outline as the inspiration strikes. The character sketches are essential and will help me create dialogue but I am such a crap writer I still lack confidence with the dialogue which is still barely coming through as I rework and rework the plot but it's coming along.


Working with Jamie was a huge step for me and super helpful. I really cannot say enough good things about her and would recommend her for anyone writing a fantasy story.

Courtney Niblett

Courtney Niblett
October 2022

I am so happy I hired Jamie! Writing a book has been my dream since I was very small. So when the time came to have my first book professionally edited, I wanted to hire someone who would take it just as seriously as I do.


Jamie was instrumental in helping me figure out what services would best fit my story. She didn't take advantage of my inexperience by trying to sell me a service I didn't need, which is something I appreciate greatly.

She was extremely thorough. Not a single page of my manuscript was neglected. But more important than anything, my story still sounds like me. Jamie helped elevate it by smoothing out the rough edges in the wording and the sentence structures. The story flows so much better now, but it's still my story. The characters and the plot I poured my heart and soul into were perfectly preserved and made even better by hiring Jamie.


I will forever be so grateful and when book two is ready for editing I hope to work with Jamie again!

Anthony Parr

Anthony Parr

I have worked with Jamie on numerous projects and I am beyond satisfied with the outcome of each novel.


Jamie has been phenomenal to work with. She is communicative, professional, and has an exceptional eye for detail. I cannot recommend her enough.

Christopher D

Chris D.

I can't say enough about how useful Jamie's assistance has been with my writing. Her editing my writing has been the most valuable help I've ever received in terms of improving the quality of my work.

Luminous World Stories LLC

Cedric Victor
October 2021

I really enjoyed working with Jamie, she tailored her work to suit my needs as a new author and provided clear feedback on how to improve my writing and my story.


I could not be more satisfied and I look forward to hiring Jamie again in the future.

Cindy Fang

Cindy Fang
December 2022

I thought Jamie's suggestions were extremely thoughtful. I liked how she approached the writing from the POV of the reader. She also had great pitches for elevating the stories and streamlining the themes. And there was one formatting idea she had that was so bonkers genius, that alone was worth working with her. Would definitely hire again!

Stephany Barcomb

Stephany Barcomb

Jamie went beyond my expectations. Her edits are amazing. I’ve partnered with her twice and neither time disappointed. My book is polished and it’s all thanks to her. Jamie is amazing!!! As I continue my series she’s gonna be my go-to editor! Highly recommend! 😁

Paul A. Broome Author

Paul A. Broome
November 2021

Jamie Johns was a great choice for my editing needs..


She was quick to respond and professional with her work.


I'm extremely satisfied with the results!

Hien Fox author

Hien Fox
June 2021

I worked with Jamie on an odd request: editing the first 25 pages of a manuscript for the purposes of a contest submission.


She was timely with my request and actually sent back her feedback a day early. Jamie went above and beyond my expectations, providing valuable feedback on my first 25 pages with suggestions to improve, as well as insight into the broader writing craft components I needed to work on. She provided examples that beautifully illustrated the points she was making. In addition, she answered questions I had on framing my story at large within publishing, which was extremely helpful.


Overall, I highly recommend Jamie and am immensely grateful for her discerning eye on my work.

J. Spencer

J. Spencer
January 2021

We could not have been more pleased with the work Jamie did assisting our eleven-year-old son with a short story he has written. Her feedback was thorough, detailed, thoughtful and invaluable. She responded to all emails in a timely fashion and her rates seem more than reasonable. We truly appreciate her encouraging and supportive nature. We look forward to continuing to work with Jamie in the future.

Elise Stoltenbreck

Elise Stoltenbreck
March--August 2021

Awesome Developmental Editor! She totally understood what I was going for, and offered literally hundreds of suggestions, ranging from one-word connotations being not quite right ("wailing" vs "crying"), to how to rework a scene slightly for more impact, to a couple of major section overhaul suggestions.


Wonderful copy editor! Jamie brought so much more than a basic copy edit to the project. She added richness and depth to the scenes by suggesting numerous extra beats, improved phrases, finding mistakes in the setting description where I'd only half-changed-over scenery, and even suggested extra dialogue. Highly recommended!

Jessica Powell

Jessica Powell
July 2022

Jamie is a thorough and honest editor. Her feedback shaped my perspective and showed me exactly what my story could use and need. Her insight has proven vital for me.


Beyond her incredible work, she is kind and patient. I found her easy and enjoyable to work with.


I'm so thankful for her time. I cannot recommend her enough. Her price is high, but she's worth every penny.

Daniel Moore

Daniel Moore
August 2022

Jaime’s feedback definitely exceeded my expectations. She gave detailed and high quality feedback on my script’s plot, characterization, dialogue, and setting, and addressed specific questions I had about my script. She has a great ear for dialogue and sense for character motivation.


I also appreciated how she offered suggestions to address the challenges she identified, but she never presented these in a domineering way. She let the story always feel like mine. However, I actually am just finishing a major edit based on a couple of her ideas to strengthen the characters and make the mystery in my murder mystery more challenging, and appealing, to solve.


I’ve already recommended her to friends working on their own writing projects.

Samuel Monk

Samuel Munk
February 2021

Jamie was professional, in-depth, and pleasant. She made no quarrel about offering additional feedback after her initial review. For another project within her purview I would hire her again.

Sebastian Ospina

Sebastian Ospina
May 2021

Great to work with! Always on time and extremely communicative!


Highly recommend to anyone looking to edit their book :)

Conor Author Profile

Conor McKenna
December 2021

Jamie knew exactly what my story was trying to accomplish and what it needed to improve.


She was professional, friendly, and insightful!

Weston Sazehn Author Photo

Weston Sazehn
March 2021

Working with Jamie has been a really great experience. This was for my first book and she has provided some really valuable insight along the way. Very patient and answers all questions promptly. They say working with an editor can take your book from good to great and it's definitely the case here!

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