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Skylight Stories Kawena Character Profile and Creation Sample - Fallon

It’s been so long since I last colored something, normally I just do sketches. Fallon has fine lines, So-Rin has bold ones to reflect their individual characters. I had to scrounge the house to find the 12 colored pencils I used between them, but I think I made it work well enough… It was so refreshing to try using colors again! Although it’s a bit difficult making lighter shades without white (understandably) so I made their colors bolder than they might actually be. Either way having sketches is a great help when writing!

And here’s Fallon’s latest reference sheet! It was my first attempt at drawing wings in a while and I’ll probably redesign her clothes a bit to make her a bit less christmas-y, maybe make her clothes more of a burnt fall-orange or yellow in color rather than summer green grass color… She looks a bit tired and like she could use a good meal, but that’s pretty normal for her. She tries so hard ♥ She’s used to more temperate, semi-tropical living and is designed with a male Cardinal in mind. Her wings are nice and fluffy, but those shorts and sleeves… she can’t carry much extra weight, so she has to make cuts where she can. Good thing So-Rin was there, or she might have frozen during her time on the grotto! 

Be sure to check out my story featuring Fallon! She was originally going to be the main protagonist, but I thought it might be interesting following from So-Rin's perspective instead. You may notice that So-Rin calls Fallon "he" but... she's definitely a she. It's alright though, Fallon thinks So-Rin is a girl so the mistake is mutual, haha. If interested in a creative writing sample and a peek at my work, you can find chapter 1 here.

Along with my plans to publish a Light Novel, of course there must be pictures - I would love to see Fan Art if you are a fellow artist! Who knows? It might even get published :)

I'll probably be updating this as I work more on the story, but here's Fallon's basic profile at present: 

Basic Statistics (updated 7/14/2017) 

Name: Fallon

Age: 18

Nationality: Avin – Songbird Type

Socioeconomic Level as a child: Important; last child born on the 6th Isla.

Socioeconomic Level as an adult: Outcast, but has a necessary skillset as weather-forecaster, etc.

Hometown: 6th IslaCurrent Residence: 6th Isla – Outer Rim Zone

Occupation: Research, weather, Isla Tracker

Income: Meager allowance (given by Zilpha)

Talents/Skills: Extraordinary weather extrasensory ability, talented female singing voice.

Salary: Does not generally accept payment for her contributions. Receives “gifts” and trades when in need.

Birth order: Last Avin born in 19 years.

Siblings (describe relationship): Riaan (sort of) no blood relation, but they were raised together when young.

Spouse (describe relationship): None

Children (describe relationship): None

Grandparents (describe relationship): Unknown

Grandchildren (describe relationship): None.

Significant Others (describe relationship): Sister Faye – beloved caretaker from Fallon’s childhood, now an adult friend. Faye still tries to tell Fallon to take better care of herself.

Relationship skills: Observer, not  a participant. Looks up to all those around her. Doesn’t start conversations often, offers as little a response as possible. 

Physical Characteristics: 

Height: 5’10”

Weight: Main Body – 175 lbs.

Race: Cardinal Mix (Father a Bluejay bird?)

Eye Color: Big eyes, orange inner iris shifts to red outer.

Hair Color: Hair is Cardinal red with black patches / Streaks.

Glasses or contact lenses? None.

Skin color: Skin is light and ochre-tinted.

Shape of Face: Rounded face with widow’s peak hairline. Face is mostly covered over by shoulder-length hair. Narrow mouth and small nose.

Distinguishing features: Her unusually bright coloration, uncommon in the world, especially among females.

How does he/she dress?  Prefers light and airy clothing, fitted. She is not strong enough to carry much extra weight in flight. Wears spiked heels for protection.

Mannerisms: Uses small gestures rather than large ones, and prefers to go unnoticed. Goes out of her way to skirt around a crowd or group rather than mingle with or go through.

Habits: (smoking, drinking etc.) None. Unless you count self-depreciation.

Health: Very good. Often fatigued from worry / workaholic nature.

Hobbies: Watching the sky, watching and helping others, caring for plants, studying, reading storybooks.

Favorite Sayings: “How can I help…?” Or “Sorry - It’s my fault.”

Speech patterns: Light-toned, soft and clear voice. Average-slow speed speaking, capable of singing in opera-esque style.

Disabilities: Small wings, shorter flying range than most, quickly fatigued when not gliding.S

tyle (Elegant, shabby etc.): Modest and shy. Covers up.Greatest flaw: Self-depreciating, self-defeated.

Best quality: Always looking for ways to help others, very attentive. 

Intellectual/Mental/Personality Attributes and Attitudes 

Educational Background: Learned from Sister Faye when a child, then exceeded what Faye knew and self-taught most everything else she knows.

Intelligence Level: Moderate, goes off of guts a lot – perception without being able to explain.

Any Mental Illnesses? None.Learning Experiences: Grew up with Riaan, afterward of his capture crushed her confidence when her life was belittled, mostly cloistered in self-study.

Character's short-term goals in life: To make someone’s life a little easier each day, to not make anything worse for anyone.

Character's long-term goals in life: Find a cure for illness, find a male to take the place of Riaan and give him her place (which she feels she stole from Riaan), restore her family / Isla’s future.

How does Character see himself/herself? Little use, burdensome, messes up big and then tries to repay with small gestures.

How does Character believe he/she is perceived by others? A burden, worthless, selfish, disappointing. A waste.

How self-confident is the character? Low self-confidence (unless it has to do with her sensing skills.)

Does the character seem ruled by emotion or logic or some combination thereof? Mainly emotion / feeling.What would most embarass this character? Being praised. 

Emotional Characteristics 

Strengths/Weaknesses: Very intelligent and senses things beforehand, especially in flight. However, her body is relatively weak and at times cannot keep up with her mind.

Introvert or Extrovert? An outgoing introvert. She is capable of being around others and helping them, so long as she is not the center of attention.

How does the character deal with anger? Rarely gets angry, but if she is, it only makes her work harder.

With sadness? Holds it in / denies it. Cries.

With conflict? Self-sacrificing, especially if it is for the peace and safety of others.

With change? Curiosity and suspicion.

With loss? Numbed by anxiety (Depends – who loses? If her loss leads to another’s even greater gain… she will often be alright.)

What does the character want out of life? To make others happy.

What would the character like to change in his/her life? Would like to accept happiness she can get for herself.

What motivates this character? A want to right a mistake she made in the past.

What frightens this character? The possibility that her actions might make things worse.

What makes this character happy? Others’ happiness.

Is the character judgmental of others? No.

Is the character generous or stingy? Generous to a fault.

Is the character generally polite or rude? Polite, always thinks of another’s feelings first however, and this prevents her generosity from being taken as completely good.


Spiritual Characteristics 

Does the character believe in God? Believes in Progenitor stories (origin /creation stories).

What are the character's spiritual beliefs? No separation of sacred / secular.

Is religion or spirituality a part of this character's life? Yes and no (no separation sacred secular)

If so, what role does it play? She and all other Avin are descendants of Nassima, wind, and water.

These elements are greatly important in day-to-day life for Fallon (think of a white witch’s approach to life)

I would love to know what you think! I very rarely draw, an this is my first time taking this sort of approach to a side character where the story revolves around primarily two individuals, so any insight or ideas would be very much welcomed ~


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